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Control & Switching Components 2006/2007
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 Control Components

Temperature Controllers 01 Basic Temperature Controllers
K8AB-TH Temperature Monitoring Relay
E5C2 Analogue temp Controller
E5CSV Temperature Controllers
02 General Purpose Controllers E5GN Digital Temp Controllers
E5_N Digital Temp Controllers
Common to all E5_N
E5ZN Modular Temp Controllers
E5ZN-DRT DeviceNet Communications Unit
03 Advanced Controllers E5CK Digital Controller
E5AK_E5EK Digital Controller
E5_K-T Digital Controller
E5_R Digital Controllers
Common to all E5_R
E5ZE Multipoint Temp Controller
04 Auxiliaries EST2-2C-MV3 CX-Thermo Support SW
ES1B Infrared Thermosensor
Technical Info - Temperature Controllers
Power Supplies 01 Single Phase S8VS Switch Mode Power Supply
S8VM Switch Mode Power Supply
S8TS Switch Mode Power Supply
S82K Switch Mode Power Supply
S82S Switching Power Supply
S82J Switch Mode Power Supply
S8PS Switch Mode Power Supply
S8JX Switch Mode Power Supply
S8T-DCBU-01 DC Backup Block for S8TS
S8T-DCBU-02 Buffer Block
02 Three Phase S8PE Three-phase Input Switch Mode
03 Fans R87F_R87T AC Axial-flow Fans
Common to all AC Axial-flow Fans
Technical Information - Powe Supplies
Timers 01 Analogue Solid State Timers H3DS Solid-State Timer
Common to all H3DS
H3DE Solid-State Timer
Common to all H3DE
H3YN Solid-State Timer
H3RN Solid-State Timer
H3CR Solid-State Timer
Common to all H3CR
H3Y Solid-State Timer
H3JA Solid-State Timer
02 Digital Timers H5CX Multifunction Digital Timer
H8GN Preset Counter_Timer
03 Motor Timers H2A Motor Timer
H2C Motor Timer
H3AM Mechatronic Analog Timer
04 PCB Timers H3FA Solid -State Timer
Technical Information - Timers
Counters 01 Totalisers H7E Self-powered Totalizer
Common to all H7E
H7GP_H7HP - Total Counter_Time Counter
Common to all H7_P
02 Pre-set Counters H8GN Preset Counter_Timer
H7CX Multifunction Preset Counter
03 Cam Positioners H8PS Cam Positioner
Technical Information - Counters
Programmable Relays Zen ZEN Programmable Relay
ZEN-PA03024 Switching Mode Power Supply
Zen Expansion Modules ZEN-_E Expansion Modules
Digital Panel Indicators 01 1-32 DIN Multi-function

K3GN 1-32 DIN Digital Panel Meter

02 1-8 DIN Standard K3MA-J Process Meter
K3MA-L Temperature Meter
K3MA-F Frequency_Rate meter
03 1-8 DIN Advanced Analogue K3HB-X_-V_-H_-S Analogue Indicators
Common to all K3HB-X_-V_-H_-S
04 1-8 DIN Advanced Digital

K3HB-R_-P_-C Digital Indicators
Common to all K3HB-R_-P_-C

 Switching Components
Electromechanical Relays 01 General Purpose Relays G2RS General-Purpose Relay
MY General-Purpose Relay
LY General-Purpose Relay
MK-I(_S) General-Purpose Relay
G7J Power Relay
G7L Power Relay
02 Special Purpose Relays MYK General-Purpose Latching Relay
MY4H Hermetically Sealed Relay
G4Q Ratchet Relay
Technical Information - Electromechanical Relays
Solid State Relays 01 Panel Mounted G3NE Solid State Relays
G3NA Solid State Relays
G3NH Solid State Relays
G3PA Solid State Relays
G3PB Solid State Relays (Single phase)
G3PC Solid State Relays
02 Socket Mounted G3B_G3BD Solid State Relays
G3F_G3FD Solid State Relays
G3H_G3HD Solid State Relays
G3R-I_-O Solid State Relays
03 Power Controllers G3PX Power Controllers
G3ZA Multi-channel Power Controller
Technical Information - Solid State Relays
Low Voltage Switch Gear 01 Mini Contactor Relays J7KNA-AR Mini Contactor Relays 4-pole
02 Mini Motor Contactors J7KNA Mini Motor Contactor
03 Motor Contactors J7KN Motor Contactor
04 Thermal Overload Relays J7TKN Thermal Overload Relay
05 Motor Protection Circuit Breakers J7MN Motor Protection Circuit Breaker
Technical Information - Low Voltage Switch Gear
Monitoring Products 01 1 Phase Control K8AB-AS Single-phase Current Relay
K8AB-VS Single-phase Voltage Relay
K8AB-VW Single-phase Voltage Relay
02 3 Phase Control K8AB-PH Phase-sequence_Phase-loss Relay
K8AB-PM Three-phase_Phase-sequence_Phase-loss Relay
K8AB-PA Three-phase__Asummetry and Phase-sequence_Phase-loss Relay
K8AB-PW Three-phase Voltage Relay
03 Heater Burnout K2CU Heater Element Burnout Detector
04 Conductive Level Controllers 61F-GP-N8 Conductive Level Controller
61F-GPN-BT_-BC Conductive Level Controller
61F-D21T-V1 Conductive Level Controller
05 Leakage Controllers K7L-AT50 Liquid Leakage Sensor Amplifier
Limit Switches 01 Standard Switches D4A-_N General purpose Limit Switch
HL-5000 General purpose Limit Switch
WL Two-circuit Limit Switch
WLM_Long-life Two-circuit Limit Switch
02 Miniature Switches D4C Enclosed Switch
D4CC Miniature Limit Switch
03 Enclosed Switches D4E-_N Small Sealed Switch
D4MC Enclosed Switch
SHL Enclosed Switch
ZC-_55 Enclosed Switch
ZE_ZV_XE_XV Enclosed Switches
04 General Purpose Z-size A General-purpose Basic Switch
DZ Special-purpose Basic Switch
TZ High-temperature Basic Switch
X General-purpose Basic Switch
Z General-purpose Basic Switch
Z_A_X_DZ Common Accessories
05 Special Application D5A High-precision Switch
D5B Mechanical Touch Switch
D5F High-precision Optical Switch
Technical Information - Limit Switches
Technical Information - Basic Switches
Pushbutton Switches 01 Pushbutton Switches A16 Pushbutton Switch
A16_-P Pushbutton Switch
A22 Pushbutton Switch
02 Key-type Selector Switches A165K Key-type Selector Switch
A22K Key-type Selector Switch
03 Knob-type Selector Switches A165S_W Knob-type Selector Switch
A22S-W Knob-type Selector Switch
04 Indicators M16 Indicator
M22 Indicator
Technical Information - Pushbutton Switches
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